Does anyone reads this?
Does anyone reads this?
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(And by "We" i mean Me)

So, Tales of Xillia is finally coming out Tomorrow and Namco Bandai uploaded 3 days ago, what seems to be the last trailer before the game official release

So why not take a look at most of the information that has been released so far (btw all information is concerning the European and American Release)


Tales of Xillia is the 13th mothership title in the "Tales of" series and was released as the series 15th anniversary title in Japan in September 2011 and his characteristic title is "RPG of Unwavering Convictions"

The game Launches August 6th 2013 in North and Latin America (9th August in Europe) and it comes in 3 editions, A Collector's Edition , a Limited Edition ( Day One in Europe), and of course the Regular Edition.


This was the first trailer that we get to see for an English Gameplay

And this is the official trailer

It's the first mothership title to sport a collaboration between the two prominent character designers Mutsumi Inomata And Kosuke Fujishima. The game will come with English Voices but for the first time in the series they will be retaining the original Japanese Opening theme (Vesperia And Graces F where in English), The Basic Plot is as follows

Tales of Xillia follows Jude Mathis, a clever medical student attending school in the capital city, and Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman accompanied by four unseen beings. Players will be able to choose either Jude or Milla at the outset of their adventure through the world of Rieze Maxia, where humans and spirits live together in harmony. The kingdom of Rashugal has been experimenting with a powerful source that led to draining the mana from the world. Realizing the harm it is inflicting on the world, Jude and Milla set off on a journey to destroy it and restore the mana back to the world.


The Battle system is knows as "Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System" and uses a combination of Technical Points or TP (Vesperia Style) and Assault Counter or AC (Graces f style) and sports a new feature called Linked Combat System that lets link two characters to team up in thers of attack, here are the Battle Showcase for each of the Main Party Characters

Jude, Milla, Alvin, Elize, Leia and Rowen

We allso got to see some of the game antagonist Gaius and the Chimeriad, aka the Fauves in the game's Japanese version, and other key characthers, Ivar and Muzét


So, Yeah, I can't wait to get my hands on the game

What about you, are you planning on getting the game? what are your expectations?


Bonus: In what "Tales of" producer Hideo Baba called, a tales of filled year, they have already announced that Tales of Xillia 2 is due for localization, and of course there is Tales of Symphonia Chronicles/Unisonant Pack on the way

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