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Next "Tales Of" Title May Be ToZ, And Other "Tales of" News

While here in the west, Tales of Xillia just launched to positive reviews, 2 days ago, in Japan "tales of" series related news are rolling, just some days ago Namco Bandai registered 3 new trademarks for possible game titles (if you remember, some time ago, Hideo Baba comented in an interview that they were working in the early draf for the next mothership title), Tales of Zestoria, Tales of Creales and Tales of Catastora. For those who don't get how this works, Namco Bandai Japan files trademarks of possible Tales titles from time to time in order to reserve that title for their use. This may or may not become a future title. There are times when a title may never be used (past trademarked titles that we never got to see include Tales of Floweria and Tales of Unitia), then there are times when it does get used but is modified like Tales of Gracia which ended up being Tales of Graces, and something like that is happening this time around, with Namco Bandai filling today (or yesterday depending where you live) trademarks for Tales of Zestiria, and Tales of Zestias, that looks a lot like Tales of Zestoria, perhaps not set in stone but definitely leaning toward ToZ.

Also the official website for the Tales of Festival 2013, announced today that the BD of the event is coming out November 6th with 4 hours of footage with skits, musical performances, etc. The event was covered here in Kotaku


Also Kitan in collaboration with Namco Bandai is releasing a pachislot (a combination of pachinko and slot machine i guess?) based on Tales of Destiny, the web has opened with characters silhouettes revealing from time to time (as of this post only Mighty Kongman/Bruiser Khang has been revealed but is really easy to guess which is which).

Some of us where a little worried when it was announced that the current Tales Studio team would be dissolved and would merge with their publisher, Namco Bandai but it seems they are doing just fine.

And so what are your predictions, with Tales of Xillia 2 announced already for localization, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles launching in the west just months after the Japanese release, and Tales of Xillia, Graces f and Abyss 3D released just recently do you think the next mothership title will be coming this way too? the west launch will take less than a year? it will come to a Sony console? will we ever see Innocence and Hearts Vita remakes?

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