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New Fate/ Stay Night Trailer And Something Quite Interesting

Today at the official site for the new Fate/ stay night anime (still not sure if it's going to be a movie or a series, but the code at the page makes it seem like the most probable outcome is a series) by ufotable there's a new video with a taste of what's to come (if the video is blocked in your country here's a mirror).

There has been much speculation about if the series would be a remake, or if they will cover the the last arc (for those of you who don't know Fate/ stay night is based on a VN with three major routes, the first two have been covered, in the first season anime series (albeit being a light mix of the 3), and the second one in a movie).


If you don't know anything about this, don't go around searching and spoiling it for yourself, believe me, the wait will be worth it.

Well at around 2:10 you can see this screenshot.

For those of you who don't know that's Illya wearing the Dress of Heaven (here is a VN image for reference). That's a very important scene in the last route which may confirm that indeed the adaptation will be based on the third and last route Heaven's Feel which in my opinion is the best story VNs has to offer. Having it in Anime for it's just pure bliss.

Now we just have to wait till January 30 for more information. Agghhh the wait is already killing me

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