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A day like today (August 29th) 10 years ago, marked the release in Japan of a little GameCube title called Tales of Symphonia and despite not getting a NA release until July 13, 2004, this marks a very special date for me, here is why:

As a kid i didn't own any game console, so i did all my gaming in the nearest arcade center or in my friend's house, so most of the games i knew where fighting games or FPS or some quirky arcade puzzles (despite my friend owning a PS1, and a lot of great games, but of course they weren't multiplayer). But then one day, after a month or so of saving from a part time job, a friend of mine and i decided to buy a Gamecube.


So when we finally went to the store to buy it, each one got to pick one game, my friend got a copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and i who have always loved anime, fell in love immediately with this box art cover:

I decided to buy it, and immediately went home to play, what follow was pure bliss

This was my first 40+ hours game, and what a ride it was: a charming (albeit a bit clichéd) cast with a great development, amazing soundtrack, impressive gameplay, and a nice story, so i ended up playing it 3 more times (in increasing difficulties), and to date, i still play it every now and then.


Next thing i knew my library was filled with JRPGs, but of course Tales of Symphonia will always have a special place in my heart, being my first JRPG and the first console game i owned.

To celebrate Namco Bandai released a new batch of screenshots and artwork, there is a Symphonia themed dinning hall and of course a remake it's on its way, so things could not be any better


So how did you get into gaming?, what was your first game?, do you still own it, or even better, still play it? Discuss it below

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