Does anyone reads this?
Does anyone reads this?
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The Limited part is quite literal.

Type-Moon, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the release of the Fate/stay night Visual Novel, has just announced that it will be releasing a special Limited edition of the game. Said edition will be a pack of Fate/stay Night and Fate hollow ataraxia visual novels under the name Fate/stay night + hollow ataraxia (clever, I know).


The price for the bundle will be 9,500 yens and it will be available only for a year, from 01/30/2014 to 01/29/2015

The novels in itself won't have additional material, but the Limited edition bundle will include some extras:

  • Fate 10th Anniversay Art Book ~ Fate/Art Chronicle: a collection of illustrations from the Fate series (2003 trough 2012), totaling 94 illustrations in a 100 page artbook
  • Fate/side material: This is actually a reprint of the encyclopedia book that was bundled with the Limited Edition of the original Fate/stay night Visual Novel released in 2004, full of details about the Fate universe.

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