Does anyone reads this?
Does anyone reads this?

Fall 2013 Anime Chart, What Series Are You Looking Forward To?

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So, the Summer Anime season is coming to an end, and so we are getting glimpses of the new series that are airing this Fall, so why not talk about what are you looking forward to see


(You can view the full chart here)

I'm recommending four series (i' looking forward to a few more actually, but 4 is a good number)


Golden Time

Plot Summary: Tada Banri, a newly admitted student at a private law school in Tokyo, found himself completely lost after the opening ceremony, trying to find his way to the freshman orientation. Just then, he ran into another lost freshman from the same school, Yanagisawa Mitsuo, and they hit it off at once. As they were hurrying to their intended goal, with hardly any time to spare, there appeared in front of them a beautiful girl holding a bouquet of roses. The girl whacked Mitsuo across the face with the bouquet and handed the flowers over to him. "Congratulations, Freshman!", was all she said, and then she left. The stylish, well dressed, perfect woman that had swung at Mitsuo was his childhood friend, Kaga Kouko. As children she had promised to marry him one day, fulfilling her dreams. In order to escape from her, Mitsuo had gone out secretly and taken the entrance exam for this well known private college, but now there she was in the freshman orientation hall. She had taken the law school entrance exam too, and had caught up to him there.


A nice Love-Comedy inspired in the Light Novel series by Toradora's author Takemiya Yuyuko, with his fair share of drama. If you enjoyed Toradora this is for you.

Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai

Plot Summary: Machinart— A magic art in which a magic circuit is inserted into an automaton and controlled by a puppeteer. In Britain's premier institution, the Royal Academy of Machinart, Walpurgis, students battle for the Wiseman's Throne to determine the strongest individual in a tournament known as the Night Party. A puppeteer from Japan, Raishin Akabane, together with his partner, Yaya of the Moon, who has the form of a young girl, enters to seize the throne and take revenge on his hated enemy.


I love Light Novels, but of all the series based on light novels coming this fall, this is the second one i was looking forward to the most (just below Golden Time)

Daiya no A (Ace of Diamond)

Plot Summary: A high-school baseball anime. The main character, who is a pitcher from a country high school, accidentally gets teamed up with a catcher from a school with an elite baseball team. He decides to quit his school to attend the school that this catcher plays...


I love Anime, I love Baseball, so this makes the perfect combination, inspired in a manga that was both winner of the 53rd Annual Shogakukan Manga award (2008) and the 34th Annual Kodansha Manga Award for the Shounen category; i haven't enjoyed a baseball manga that much, since my days reading H2 and Touch

Little Busters ~Refrain~

Plot Summary: We begin behind the eyes of Naoe Riki, a 2nd year at a boarding high school. He's meek, dependant, and cursed with fainting spells*. He's also clever, loyal, and blessed with great friends that together form the centerpiece of this story. This group of friends, the namesake of the story, is the Little Busters. Kyousuke, a 3rd year and the tacit leader of the Little Busters, recruited Riki when they were still small boys, during a time when Riki was depressed and shut-in after the deaths of his parents. Together with two other boys, Masato and Kengo, plus Kyousuke's sister Rin, the 5 Little Busters spent their childhood together having fun and busting evil.

Now in high school, Kyousuke returns from searching for work in the big city only to tell his friends that such is not the meaning of his life and that they should all play baseball together to define and confirm their existence. From this apparently nonsensical cafeteria discussion, the Little Busters grow into a full-fledged baseball team while Riki and Rin grow into the team's ace batter and pitcher, respectively. They meet new people, discover more about everyone, and have many laughs and tears in the process. But to what end?


The second season of the Anime based in the VN of the same name, the trailers so far are so promising (but are full of spoilers if you haven't read the Novel), and now we get to see the most intense and heartbreaking part of the story.

So what are you looking forward to, something game game-related like BlazBlue or the P3 Movie or Pokemon XY, something more obscure, more happy? throw me your recommendations in the comments

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