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Ever Wanted To Sleep Next To Your (Virtual) Idol? (VIDEO)

Why settle for only Dakimakuras when you can do this?

For all of you Vocaloid out there, there's some guys who developed an app called The "Sleep Together App" (or something like that), and Using the Oculus Rift you can interact with a 3D virtual model of Hatsune Miku in her bed, but what I mean with interact you ask? well you can "see", "hear", touch and "smell" her


At the start, Miku will refer to the user as “Master” and wish them goodnight as she settles down on the bed beside them. She will shift on occasion and make small, sleepy noises, and if the user becomes restless, she will open her eyes and ask the person what’s wrong before drift back into dreamland (Not even my girlfriend does this). If one puts the program on a timer, Miku can even be used as an alarm clock of sorts, sitting up at the appointed time and urging the user to wake (wonder if she would wait 5 minutes more)

The juicy part of the video is at 5:00 or so, where they explain the whole thing (albeit in Japanese).

First, the "see" and "hear" part comes with the use of the head display with the app of course

For the "touch" part you will need special gloves and a pillows roughly the size of the character in question


That is totally he giving her a shoulder massage


And the smell part you ask? Well, the developers recommend spritzing the pillow with a particular type of perfume: fragrance of a high school girl


Please, don't steal this from your sister


Man, these are probably a bunch of guys with no girlfriends, that developed an app to imagine his love pillows is actually alive, and to top it all they spray it with high school girl perfume, only one word comes to mind to describe these guys:


Via: rocketnews24

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