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Bump of Chicken and Hatsune Miku Collaborate for Music Video

Japanese rock band BUMP OF CHICKEN (if you're like me you may know them as the ones who performed the OP theme for Tales of the Abyss, both the Videogame and the Anime and also appeared on The Pillows tribute CD) has decided to team up with Vocaloid sensation Hatsune Miku to perform a duet of the title song from their latest album "Ray." Following the world debut of their collaborative song, the band will appear alongside Miku in a music video of the duet, which is to be the world's first Hatsune music video without CG editing.

Miku's official YouTube channel, "39(Miku) Channel," posted a video explaining how the technology used to bring Miku to life in the music video works. Notably, the set is the same one used for BUMP OF CHICKEN's "Ray" music video.

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