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Benson Brothers Working On An Earthbound Documentary

After the success of Earthbound Saga, brothers Jeff and Robbie Benson, are back with a new production centered around the SNES cult classic game of Essayist Shigesato Itoi: Mother 2 better known as Earthbound in the west. This time, the goal is to produce a a documentary about the cult following the game gathered in the US, and about all the different fan communities that have surged in the west to pay tribute to this SNES game.

The documentary will be called Earthbound USA, the project was being carried in secret and details were scarce until now, but a recent tweet by Itoi has force the team to bring the work to light thanks to the big impact it created.


I just finished an interview with some American fans of Mother 2 that paid me a visit. Some of them were on elementary school when they played the game, but now they are married with children, but they're still in love with the game. I have been involved in many projects in my life, but this game, without a doubt, is something special"

Besides the interview with Itoi, the documentary will also include some testimonies and stories of users of the forum, the main platform dedicated to this trilogy of games by Nintendo. The brothers are expecting to release the project on 2015 and they will be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon.

Otakomu via Anait Games

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