Does anyone reads this?

Ani-TAY: First Impressions: Golden Time

I will borrow TuT's format from earlier for this, if you'll excuse me


Someone has checked it out?

Despite being based on a Light Novel, (normally on Animes based on LN, the first couple of episodes are normally slow in development) the first episode is pretty interesting with enough development and a nice introductions on our characters and at the end a nice cliff hanger, so off to a good starts it seems.

The animation is nice but not otherwordly and something you would expect from JC staff, nice VA but kinda meh OP and ED. This one is on Crunchyroll BTW


I was thinking since the new anime season is starting, maybe we should share first impression more often so we could see what the others are seeing and maybe do some kind of compendium at the end for other to see or somethign like that.

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