Does anyone reads this?
Does anyone reads this?

Aestevalis (who's that?) ConTAYct Page

Hi Aestevalis here, I really don't know what to say, and I'm already starting to feel awkward, can I go now, no??... How about now??.... no?. OK I give up, here we go:

I appear around here every now and then, but I'm trying to be more regular lately, the reason? English is not my mother tongue and lurking around here reading and posting is helping improve quite a lot.


I tend (if you can call it that) to write stuff about the things I love which are JRPG's specially the Tales of series and the Persona series, and also Anime/Manga/LN, a friend used to describe me as half Otaku and half closet Otaku and I like how that sounds.I also love baseball but I haven't enjoyed a baseball game since MLB power pros which I play every now and then (both the first one and the 2008 one). Also tortas :)

If you ever need to reach me of whatever reason (if it's for advice expect that to be like the header image above, cause I suck at that), you can leave a message here (because of personal circumstances I tend not to be logged in between Friday afternoon and Sunday Night).

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